Flawless Digital Execution From Everywhere

We are a digital creative studio based in the heart of London and spreading across the globe from America to the far end of Asia. We are a team of bright minds and great thinkers who are passionate about creating digital solutions for any business type no matter the size.


We’re a team of digital specialists, business analysts, strategists, copywriters, designers and developers who work together seamlessly to deliver and run your business from start to finish.

Our beliefs

Our mission centers on creating an autopilot system tailored to your business needs. We believe in honesty and transparency, crafting solutions that inspire and empower. We understand the importance of beauty and purpose in sustaining motivation and achieving success.

Why us

Collaboration is the key

We place a strong emphasis on communication and transparency throughout every phase of our projects, ensuring a premium client experience from project inception to completion. Our experience working with startups has enhanced our agility, while our collaborations with enterprise companies have honed our project management expertise.

Our work is future-proof

We design with scalability and long-term sustainability in mind, aligning seamlessly with your enduring business goals. In our portfolio, you’ll find numerous websites and products that have thrived untouched for over 5 years, a testament to the future-proof quality of our work.


People over profit

At OLLU, we place people first, not profits. We prioritise our employees, customers, and community by delivering top-quality products and services, maintaining transparency, and promptly addressing customer feedback. We understand the importance of businesses for economic growth but never at the expense of people’s well-being

Javad Bagheri
⎯ Founder & Creative Director
Mohammad Aqaie
⎯ Head of Development
Emily Patel
⎯ Head of HR/ BPO Specialist
Wei Liang Chen
⎯ Software Architect
Emily Johnson
⎯ Head of Design/ Art Director
Rashid Ahmed
⎯ Financial Director/ Head of Accounting
Camille Dupont
⎯ Project manager
Katarina Ivanova
⎯ Marketing Director
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Our Process

We have passion in what we do and we let it speak for itself

We’ll take the time to understand your business and operations thoroughly.

Once we’ve gathered sufficient data, we’ll collaborate to explore your options and agree on timelines and necessary automations to kickstart your journey.

Plus, we’re committed to providing constructive advice, ensuring you receive value even as a guest on our platform.

Our development process is agile and meticulous.

We begin with in-depth planning, harness the latest technology & market trend, and maintain transparent communication.

Rigorous testing ensures quality, while ongoing support ensures your solution stays relevant.

At our core, we empower strategic decision-making through insightful data analysis, allowing you to navigate your business landscape with clarity and confidence.

Additionally, our comprehensive maintenance services offer seamless automation, ensuring the continuous optimisation of your systems while providing peace of mind, so you can focus on driving your business forward without distraction.

Our services

The integration delivers results at every touchpoint

We dive deep into our clients’ needs, delivering consumer insights that resonate with evolving culture and crafting data-driven marketing plans and cohesive narratives, often preempting their requests.